Moscow, ave. Marshal Zhukov, house 6, p. 1

Tech support

To contact the technical support service of LLC “Synergo”, you need to fill in:

Application for ISS technical support 

Application for technical support of MDPO

If you do not have the technical capability, then contact us by phone hotline or email:

8 (800) 301-55-33

Regulations for the provision of warranty service and non-warranty repairs

  1. Faulty equipment must be sent by courier service to:   Moscow, Novoorlovskaya str., 3A, p. 1 “Service center of LLC “Synergo”. The shipment is carried out at the expense of the Client.*
  2. Together with the equipment, a completed certificate of the prescribed form is sent (link to the file at the bottom of the page).
  3. The Manager of the Service Center of LLC “Synergo” (hereinafter referred to as SC), after receiving the equipment, sends the Client a scan of the “Certificate of acceptance of equipment for repair” with a note on acceptance of the equipment.
  4. The SC engineer performs diagnostics within 3 working days and makes a decision on recognizing the case as warranty or non-warranty. A scan of the “Act of diagnostic and repair work” is sent to the Client’s address
  5. Warranty case: repair is carried out at the expense of the Manufacturer. The equipment is sent to the Customer’s address at the expense of the Manufacturer.
  6. Not a warranty case:
    1. The customer picks up the faulty equipment at his own expense within 7 working days;
    2. In case of consent to non-warranty repairs, the SC manager sends the Client a contract for non-warranty repairs with an indication of the cost and timing of repairs.

*For dimensional equipment, repair at the place of its installation is possible by the Client’s letter. The decision on repair at the installation site is made by the head of the Service Center for each case separately.